Taifun over Germany – News in the “energy and compressed air turnaround”!!!

Jun 25, 2019 | News

A low-pressure area does not always have negative consequences like the storms over Germany at the moment. Here is a counter-example…

As a young innovative company, we, altAIRnative GmbH, succeeded in informing numerous companies (industry, contractors, planners), predominantly large companies with well-known names, about the current status of our activities and actions in the field of CAHS technology from 12-14 June 2019. The main reason for the event was processing the first orders for CAHSs of the “Taifun” type. Even long journeys of up to 500 km were taken by some of the gentlemen who travelled to the event.

In retrospect, the exclusively positive and varied feedback also gives us a clear tailwind in our goal to successfully establish the “CAHS technology” further in the market of energy-efficient solutions and to secure clear operating cost advantages for industrial customers with our CAHSs and at the same time to realise large savings in CO2 emissions.

Of course, the highlight for our guests was the live demonstration of a Taifun CAHS on our test stand. This is a real milestone in the CAHS market, as the machines established so far are exclusively in the size of 3 and 10 m³/min compressed air capacity, and thus the Taifun has 3 to 10 times the capacity in terms of compressed air and heat supply. Ultimately, however, the market also demands such machine sizes!!! Savings per Taifun of over 1000 tonnes of CO2 per year are possible with ROI times of only 2 years.