About us

With the CAHS altAIRnative GmbH has developed a highly efficient compressed air generation system in combination with economical heat provision and has set itself the goal of revolutionising the provision of compressed air, heating and cooling for industrial customers.

On the one hand, it offers modular CAHSs (compressed air heating systems) developed and manufactured in-house in various output sizes (45 to 300 kW mechanical output and VL temperatures up to 108°C) that are very interesting for  the industry.  The compressed air is optionally generated and supplied oil-lubricated or oil-free. On the other hand, altAIRnative GmbH integrates these highly innovative components as part of holistic system solutions for its customers. Planning, construction, implementation and integration into existing or yet to be created networks (compressed air, heating or cooling) come from a single source. We achieve payback periods of well under 4 years.

Our performance promise

  • Compressed air heating systems specially adapted to your needs
  • Planning, construction, implementation and integration from a single source
  • Full service package for trouble-free operation of the plants
  • Qualified personnel and use of tested accessories and spare parts
  • Manufacturer-independent optimisation of the existing compressed air generation system

Our goals

  • Increasing cost efficiency in compressed air generation through energy efficiency
  • Increasing the acceptance of CHP plants for the direct drive of working machines
  • Direct and indirect use of heat flows at different temperature levels
  • Making legal advantages of CHP technology usable for compressed air
  • Solution provider, incl. compressed air treatment and redundancy plants for compressed ait & heat



  • Completion and Delivery of the first oil-free CAHS Hurrikan


  • Delivery of the CAHS Hurrikan for food industry


  • Order for delivery of the oil-free CAHS’s Tornado and Taifun incl. compressed air preparation


  • Order for delivery of the oil-free CAHS Hurrikan


  • Delivery of the double fan heating system for electroplating


  • Delivery of the two CAHS’s Taifun with a waste heat boiler for FEURER Febra GmbH


  • Delivery of the first CAHS Hurrikan for plastic industry


  • Delivery of the CAHS Orkan for the Germany’s largest organic dairy (Andechs)
  • Delivery of the CAHS Orkan with an adsorption chiller for a manufacturer of connection technology
  • Delivery of the sewage gas CAHS in a container incl. gas and compressed air preparation


  • Delivery of the CAHS Taifun in a container for automotive industry


  • Participation in Hanover Trade Fair ComVac 2019 with CAHS Taifun and Föhn


  • Winner of the Thuringian Energy Efficiency Award 2018
  • Development of Föhn 26 kW


  • Development of Taifun 170 kW oil-free and Tornado 300 kW oil-free


  • Participation at the Hannover Trade Fair 2018 (D-Jet 08/415)


  • Start with active marketing
  • Introduction of new product names > “Jet”, “Orkan”, “Hurrikan”, “Taifun


  • Presentation of the CAHS 10/555 as part of ComVac 2017 at Hannover Trade Fair


  • Start of new design for series machines
  • Delivery of the prototype to industrial partners for long-term testing


  • Series of measurements of the prototype


  • Presentation of the prototype at the Energy-Decentral in Hannover

06/2016 - 11/2016

  • Development and construction of the prototype CAHS 08/630


  • Founding of altAIRnative GmbH with the shareholders AITEC Holding GmbH and enertec Kraftwerke GmbH

11/2015 - 07/2016

  • Potential analysis for the coupled generation of compressed air and heat

06/2015 - 03/2016

  • Search for suitable partner for realisation


  • Idea for the development of a compressed air CHP solution