Application areas

Areas of application for CAHS

  The use of a CAHS is profitable for many companies that depend on constant industrial process heat with simultaneous compressed air supply. Since CAHS can provide process heat between 90°C and 500°C, there are practical applications in various industries, e.g. vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, metal processing, textile industry, paper industry, chemical industry.

Optimal conditions for the economic operation of a CAHS:

High capacity utilisation (3-shift operation) and / or

Demand for process heat, e.g. for

  • feed water heating for steam generation
  • pasteurisation
  • parts cleaning and degreasing
  • electroplating, chromating, burnishing
  • powder coating and painting
  • drying processes
  • Evaporation
  • Refining

Demand for process and/or air-conditioning cooling for

  • building air conditioning
  • industrial refrigeration
  • food production

The CAHS directly generates

Process heat

  • Warm and hot water/hot gas
  • for feed water heating
  • for combustion air preheating
  • for thermal oil heating
  • for hot air generation
  • for steam generation

Air-conditioning and/or process cooling

  • Provision of waste heat from the CAHS up to 108°C flow temperature for an absorption chiller
  • Sorption cooling down to -40°C


  • The waste heat from the CAHS is converted directly into electricity in an ORC process (Organic Rankine Cycle).

Application examples

The practical applications depend on your compressed air requirements and the required temperature quantity/level in your applications.