oil-free CAHS series

Oil-free compressed air generation is used wherever high degrees of purity or requirements in terms of residual oil content, particle size and number, and pressure dew points are required. ISO 8573-1 describes these classes in a number system. Absolutely oil-free compressed air generation or the highest degrees of purity are often referred to as “Class 0”. These very high requirements can be met with the oil-free CAHS from altAIRnative GmbH.

Used in the following industries, among others:

  • food industry
  • pet food industry
  • mineral water
  • breweries
  • dairies
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • electrical engineering

Oil-lubricated CAHS series

The majority of compressed air processes in the industrial environment or the manufacturing sector are provided by oil-lubricated systems.

Used in the following industries, among others:

  • automotive
  • plastics technology
  • Surface technology
  • Mechanical engineering