Andechs organic dairy relies on compressed air heating system from altAIRnative

Apr 3, 2020 | News

For over 111 years, Andechser Molkerei Scheitz has been a family business and has been considered an organic pioneer throughout Germany for more than 40 years. The ecological way and many organic products have been awarded numerous gold medals, first places and public recognition, simply because the philosophy of “leaving natural things natural” is lived every day.

In spring 2019, one of the electric compressors in the dairy was due for replacement. In the course of this, the technical managers looked for better alternatives to the already established hot water production using NH3 hot gas plus heat pump. The preferred solution was quickly found in the form of altAIRnative’s Orkan compressed air heating system. In addition to the constantly high flow temperatures of > 90°C, an important argument was the Orkan’s good controllability of 60-100% of the output.


The new compressed air heating system “Orkan” has been in operation since December 2019 and generates compressed air and heat simultaneously. By its own account, this saves Europe’s largest organic dairy a high five-digit euro amount in energy costs annually and the investment will pay for itself in well under 3 years. In addition, large amounts of the greenhouse gas CO2 are saved.