CAHS Orkan as an integral part of the energy efficiency solution at Andechser Molkerei

Apr 13, 2021 | News, Uncategorized

In January this year, the altAIRnative CAHS energy efficiency project at FEURER FEBRA GmbH was “CHP of the month” in Energie & Management. We are particularly pleased that only two months later another great project in connection with our CAHS technology was awarded “CHP of the Month”.

The March issue is about a holistic CHP project at the Andechs organic dairy. Essentially, this consists of a CHP with 999 kW electrical output, a waste heat boiler with 392 kW for the production of saturated steam, a deep-freeze absorption refrigeration system with 434 kW and last but not least the altAIRnative CAHS Orkan with 155 kW thermal output and 10.5 m³/min compressed air delivery at 8.5 bar.

The annual CO2 saving of the project is over 1,800 tonnes!