CAHS Taifun named “CHP of the Month”

Jan 22, 2021 | News

In its January 2021 issue, the trade journal Energie & Management Verlagsgesellschaft mbH named two compressed air heating systems (CAHS) with waste heat boilers “CHP of the Month”.

The company FEURER FEBRA GMBH uses two CAHS Taifun units from altAIRnative GmbH in combination with a waste heat boiler from Enkotherm GmbH.

For our customer, we were able to develop a solution that implements a lot of technology in a small space. As a result, approx. 2.4 GWh of electrical power are now saved annually and the natural gas requirement is reduced at the same time.

By integrating a stratified storage tank, the temperature flows can now be recorded at different temperature levels and made usable for the processes. Our technology can show all its advantages in EPP, EPS and other particle foam processes and enable a permanent cost reduction.

We would be happy to work with you to implement projects that increase your competitiveness.