Follow up – Insights into production assembly of compressed air heating system Taifun-class

Sep 28, 2020 | News

In the NEWS of 19.06.2020 we reported on the production of two CAHS Taifun.

In the meantime, these are in operation at FEURER Febra GmbH, our customer, and generate not only 2 x 30 m³/min but also 885 kW of heat (90/15°C). In addition to the enormous substitution of more than 320 kW of electrical power for compressed air generation, there is a significant reduction in the use of natural gas with a thermal efficiency of 99 %.

This increase in efficiency in the use of energy in EPP processing reduces CO2 emissions by 1,075 tonnes per year. Thus, FEURER Febra GmbH is a pioneer in the industry and consciously focuses on the topic of energy efficiency!

In the coming weeks, we will report on some details of the overall solution and highlight particularly innovative aspects. Stay tuned!

We cannot guarantee that such high energy efficiency values can also be achieved in your company with our CAHSs. But it is certainly worth a try, with the help of our potential analysis.

On average, most of our CAHS projects pay off between 2 and 4 years.

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