Hydrogen CAHS – the future in series production

Sep 28, 2020 | News

Hydrogen is currently on everyone’s lips and one does not have to be a prophet to predict that hydrogen will be an important component in future energy supply. Even if hydrogen is still far from being available everywhere and in the right quantities, and its production, distribution, costs, etc. also pose considerable challenges, the political path and that of the industry are clearly marked out.

What does this mean for your company in connection with our CAHS technology?

Assuming that a CAHS, i.e. the energy-efficient provision of compressed air and heat/cold, would be a technically sensible solution for your production processes, the following scenario is conceivable:

  • Status quo: Generation of heat in the company currently via the use of a fossil energy source (natural gas, oil). Compressed air via electricity.

  • The CAHS substitutes the electricity demand for compressed air generation -> This would result in sustainable energy efficiency and cost advantages and high CO2 savings.

  • Successive conversion to renewable fuels such as biomethane and/or hydrogen -> Additional leverage in the direction of “Zero CO2”.

  • Biomethane is already available today at attractive conditions and does not have the disadvantage of the CO2 tax.

  • Today, our engines can already be operated with hydrogen admixtures and with biomethane.

  • Should hydrogen be economically available at your location in a few years, we will, for example, convert the CAHS to the corresponding engine technology after 3-5 years of operation.

Either way, a sufficiently secure basis for decision-making in the form of a cost estimate and economic viability must be worked out individually for each CAHS project, regardless of whether it uses natural gas or renewable energy sources. We will be happy to support you in this at any time.

The clear message should be that with CAHS technology from altAIRnative, your company is already “H2 ready” today!